The Challenge

Under Armour wanted to make its e-commerce offering more customer-centric. The brand realised it could achieve this by having an integrated retail and media strategy on Amazon.

There were two challenges:

1. Making sure the brand was omnipresent in all areas of the shopping experience.

2. Finding efficiencies in the current strategy that would ensure customers are matched with the right product at the right time.



increase in CTR, providing better relevance


increased in Conversion Rate, which shows greater relevance in products advertised and keywords


increase in sales


By analysing search query data, iProspect highlighted opportunities through gender-specific and sports category searches (e.g. golf). Using search data from Amazon and Google, iProspect built a complex account structure for five European markets that enabled a greater focus on funnelling and relevancy of high volume categories.

The Strategy

Through Kenshoo’s bulk operation capabilities, we created more than 1,000 Amazon campaigns that were rolled out within weeks. Finally, through the strategic use of different Amazon campaign types, we ensured brand protection and omnipresence. This enabled Under Armour to be front of mind to potential consumers. Testing various return on advertising spend bid formulas, we were able to maximise campaign sales and revenue whilst staying profitable.

Under Armour