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The Adventure-seeker. The Explorer. The go-getter. The mover and shaker. They are bold. Edgy. Wild. They need a vehicle that is as adventurous as they are. The new Mercedes-Benz GLA’s target audience had no idea that Mercedes-Benz had a wild side.

Outstanding results

Unprecedented conversion rate


Entries into the competition


Our influencers have over 180,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, and this helped drive brand awareness and reinforce the message that the GLA is an adventure-enabler. We achieved 117,000 total interactions on social media with over 1200 uses of the hashtag. The campaign achieved over 800,000 bought media engagements, almost 48 687 entries from nearly 245 866 visitors to our microsite, with a conversion rate of 20.8%. And Quarter million minutes watched.

Total interactions


Visitors engaging with the microsite


Mercedes-Benz GLA

The concept

Creating a series of adventures that would mirror the lifestyle of the key target audience, putting the vehicle to the test in real life scenarios, allowing one winner every weekend to experience the GLA first-hand, and giving one lucky person the chance to win the GLA. Online influencers and professional adventurers were identified to participate on the journey, based on their ability to amplify the conversation, and reflect our key audience. An integrated digital strategy using bought, owned and earned media, drove users to a custom-built microsite – the digital hub of the campaign.

We made it happen

A single #GLAadventure hashtag was used online and supported via TV, radio and print media as part of an integrated campaign that had its home in the digital space. We achieved all objectives set out and helped Mercedes-Benz South Africa reach out to those who are always restless.

We knew the only way to go was a truly integrated campaign starting with Digital First.

Claudia Walters

Marketing Director - Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars


The GLA Adventure

Mercedes-Benz GLA