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AMG is the high performance brand within the Daimler Mercedes-Benz stable, but it has had an identity within the local market of just referring to the faster, sportier Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The brand is also frequently attributed to non-AMG cars with fake badges and branding put on by the owner. Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery and we wanted these AMG fans, these high performance devotees, to understand more about the brand, the engines and the heritage of Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach.

The Results

Increase in website traffic


Increase in AMG Driving Academy course bookings


Other areas of improvement include model page engagement and completion rates across all form types.

Increase in bought media traffic due to improved URL structures


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The AMG site was never really a focus of Mercedes-Benz before mid-2012 when the market was introduced to the NGCC (New Generation Compact Cars) range of the A-Class, the CLA and the GLA. With the launch of the 45 AMG models in this segment, the AMG brand became younger and more accessible than ever before. It was our job to bring this new AMG brand to our aspirational, current and conquest audiences. We had to ensure that the site catered to the aspirational fan with plenty of content to get them inspired but it also had to fill a sales function to meet a fairly aggressive sales target for 2014. In addition to the multiple user types engaging with the platform, we also faced challenges around the availability of content, vehicle imagery and information from the global markets. We spent time with the client and the product specialists to generate the content required and ensure that it met the global standards. The AMG platform is also the home of the AMG Driving Academy, the driver training courses offered by AMG. We had to ensure that this section had a home and its own user journey specifically designed to increase course bookings.

The Craft


With a lot of technical and product content available already, our aim was to create a product and brand-hub for the more digital-savvy customer. This meant using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to deliver an engaging, responsive platform.From seamless transitions, to engaging visualizers we’ve succeeded in displaying a premier brand and product to premier clients.

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