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mblife is the extension of the Mercedes-Benz brand from the product into its diverse lifestyle; it inspires you to explore experience and have fun – in your car and the world around you. It is, at the heart, a content platform full of articles written specifically for the site and the target market. mblife is not limited to the Mercedes-Benz product but spreads the brand into every aspect of the lifestyle that its owners live.You’ll find great places to go, people to watch, things to do, interesting stuff to know and stories to inspire the ultimate Mercedes-Benz fans.

The Results

Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in traffic from social networks


The mblife website results from January 2015 to May 2015 compared against the same period in 2014 are extraordinary. Other areas of improvement are the notable increase in site traffic month to month along with the increase of social sharing across the site.

Increase in newsletter subscriptions


Bedding Down The UX

Insights gathered around user needs, content and the business requirements allowed our team to establish a hierarchy of information and functionality which informed the base of the mblife platform and its layout.

Crafting The Experience

Position, tone and interaction were the focal points of the design, which catered for any type of content that could be uploaded. As imagery played a critical role in the visual appeal of the site, we had to cater for all types of imagery, be it light, dark, simplistic or detailed. This informed placement of titles, iconography and interactions around various components.

The Technology

We needed to cater for the needs of a primarily mobile target market and this is why it was critical to ensure speed. We eliminated additional overhead by utilising asynchronous web requests and the HTML5 history API, to simulate full page loads, but actually only loading what’s needed between different pages on the site. This means that instead of reloading separate pages for categories or articles, only the content that changes is loaded when browsing through the site.This experience is monitored through a comprehensive analytics set up to continuously improve the experience based on user engagements. The integration of an enterprise web content management system, Ektron WCMS, allowed for quick content updates that can be seamlessly synchronised between multiple demilitarised zones as part of a corporate network/infrastructure landscape.

Get inspired by mblife

Explore the best. Pause. Breathe. Life is good. And there are so many ways to enjoy it.

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