Voice and Assistant Management 


We’re already using voice on the go through our mobile devices and at home, but the next big step for voice activation is the distillation of the technology and, instillation of new behaviors into new parts of everyday life. We believe voice will be the biggest shift in consumer behavior since mobile, and that brands need to be voice-ready if they want to defend their position in this ecosystem. We’re here to help brands make sense of it all, and to help them push their business forward, so that they too can find their voice.

We optimize for search, build bots or voice apps that create new engagement channels.


To begin prioritizing for voice assistants today, we believe brands should get a baseline for how the major assistants answer queries in their vertical and consider the consumer queries they want to answer. By assessing how assistants answer or what is delivered back, we can identify and surface the white spaces for brands and roadblocks to content development. Brands need to communicate simultaneously, across many fragmented touchpoints, with their consumers. We advise marketers how to create a voice skill consistent with their brand and optimize it to bring additional relevancy for the consumer.


A leader in search marketing for more than 20 years, iProspect is at the forefront of voice search. We utilize our expertise in SEO to optimize our clients’ content, making it both conversational and easily understood by digital assistants. These digital gatekeepers, like people, only give one response to a question, so it’s not good enough to just be in the top 10 ranking. Brands need to be number one. In addition to search optimization, we help brands build bots or voice apps that create new channels for their most important services.


  1. Voice search for branding

    When our clients need to be viewed as thought leaders, we can optimize websites and content so that their answers get picked by assistants when queried.

  2. Voice search for location

    Many people search for nearby restaurants, stores, etc. Optimising retail listings and product feeds, we make sure our clients are recommended with relevant information, driving foot traffic.

  3. Voice search for commerce

    Voice commerce is just getting started but will grow to be a large channel. Optimizing products and listings positions them to be recommended (e.g., optimize within Amazon to get recommended by Alexa).

  4. Bots/Voice apps 

    Transitioning services to a voice medium can be a new, more efficient channel. We can help with the development, user adoption, and optimization of these new bots.