Social media is mad for March Madness

March Madness has the digital landscape all a buzz this week, but not all of it has to do with brackets or Louisville’s Kevin Ware. Many brands are looking to connect with their customers through social media by engaging in what is called Trend Jacking.

Marketers are leveraging the buzz and popularity of March Madness 2013 by making it their very own this year. They’ve been tying it to something relevant to their brand, and utilizing social media (and other digital channels) to share this content, which has increased their brand awareness and generated social engagement. Creating brackets, pitting products against one another, asking fans and followers to vote for their favorites. The engagement is high. There have been more shares, comments, likes and re-tweets for brands who received little to no engagement before their March Madness campaigns.

Why does Trend Jacking work?

  • It is relevant: Current events are a part of everyone’s world, including brands. By leading with content that is current, you can add a human factor, which is more relatable.
  • It is engaging: Current, relevant content begs for engagement, especially when feedback is being solicited.
  • It puts the “Social” back in Social Media: By talking about something other than just products or services, you can find something it has in common with its target market. It is called social media after all.

See how these brands have put Trend Jacking into action during the NCAA tournament:

As a marketer, there are definitely more trends that you can jack: The Super Bowl, award shows, The World Series, national holidays, the Olympics, etc. See if one of these upcoming events could help your social media strategy. Just be cautious when choosing trends to jack; you don’t want to isolate or offend your target customer group.