Reaching your target consumer in their native language

Google Search gives advertisers the ability to transform a search engine result page to other languages, better reaching non-English speakers. You can reap significant revenue gains for your brand by using this underutilized search opportunity. By targeting other languages in the US market, ads will reach a wider audience. Campaigns using the default English setting only appear in browsers set to English. For example, if a person is a native Korean speaker living in the United States, they will likely change their Google language setting to their native language, i.e. Korean. Therefore, you can reach the Korean speaker living in the US that changed their language browser setting by adding English copy to Korean language campaign setting. This shift opens up opportunities in the PPC landscape, which advertisers can test and explore.

For many of our CPG clients, their largest product markets are in Asian, Brazilian and Spanish cultures. We recently completed a test for a client where we ran top branded keywords against specific language browsers combined with a US location. The results did not disappoint:   

  • CPCs were 69% lower than the counterpart campaigns with English targeting.
  • CPC campaigns generated 10% in incremental revenue each month! Each day there was a lift in revenue that was not there prior to expanding English copy into the specific languages.
  • By generating this incremental lift in revenue, at a much lower cost, we are seeing a 728% higher ROI in these types of campaigns. This results in a stronger ROI for our CPG clients that are leveraging the language browser settings to their advantage.

When setting up these campaigns, keep the following in mind:

  • Separate each campaign by language so you are able to report how each language is performing
  • Create mobile specific ads and set moderate mobile bids
  • Start with your top performing keywords and formulate a keyword expansion strategy

If your target customer speaks another language, think about using this strategy. It can help accounts that are experiencing diminishing returns, as they can expand into previously unexplored search opportunities in the US market.