Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's profitable

One of the biggest issues we face in advertising is that we are confronted with new bright shiny objects everyday that promise to revolutionize the way we can reach consumers and the way that consumers interact with the world around them.

Technology is advancing in unstoppable ways and there can and will be a tech or digital answer to every need we have. But, will those solutions be relevant to who we are as people? We have the ability and the technology to create devices and platforms to support every facet of our lives. It’s yet to be determined if a text from our refrigerator about the milk being low is helpful, or annoying. We all do stand in front of the fridge every morning, with capable eyes.

It seems as though every time we make a leap forward in technology, we as marketers focus on how we can integrate our brands into the conversation.   Just because the platform was developed doesn’t necessarily mean it will be widely adopted and even if it is, should we as marketers work to integrate our brands into the conversation?

My suggestion is, let performance dictate the tipping point.  Follow people and their behaviors to determine the bright shiny objects that we should invest in moving forward.  Because after all, behind every data point is a person.

Each data point will also indicate a behavior.  And it’s the behavior that will determine whether or not our brands have a place as part of this conversation.

A radical, devoted study of people and their behavior is the x-factor in pursuit of profitable adoption of our latest offerings. This will be the difference between the partnering with the innovations that have enduring value and the ones that fall to the wayside.

Brands have a powerful role in our collective future as the dollars they spend will help fund and determine which innovations succeed. As marketers, following people and letting their behavior dictate our investments will ensure that we enjoy the collective benefit of what’s possible in the future. 

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