Pieces of the Performance Puzzle: Conversion Rate Optimization

I often encounter brands that are clearly investing heavily in driving traffic to a website or landing page, but the same couldn’t be said for the site experience. Whether it’s minor irritations that lodge in my subconscious or major functionality misses that make me want to pull my hair out, these user experiences misses can be detrimental to a brand’s performance. This missing piece of the performance puzzle is conversion rate optimization (CRO). As marketers, we are often so focused on getting people to our website that we miss an equally important factor - the user experience on our website. Why risk fumbling that big moment when your desired consumer is finally engaged on your owned property? A poor user experience, whether that means uninspired creative, awkward functionality or confusing navigation, can lead to significant missed revenue.

While we’re proud of our websites and believe they are best-in-class, the only people qualified to make that judgment are our consumers. Only they can provide unbiased and honest feedback on their navigation and conversion experience. And there is no better way to assess a site’s true awesomeness (or lack thereof) than by observing your consumers “in the wild.” How else would you know that the hero image on your landing page is off-putting? Or that many visitors can’t find the blog content that brought them to your site via search keyword?

At iProspect, we believe that CRO is an integral part of digital marketing success. We use data analytics, user session recordings, A/B testing and in depth surveys such as our proprietary CCS database. First impression tests tell us what users immediately focus on, card sorting tests tell us how users would naturally organize your site’s content, and tree tests tell us how users would navigate your site to find an answer. User testing sessions reveal how users are interacting with your site and engaging with content and features while performing common tasks.

The results reveal how intuitive and engaging the site is to a variety of potential users across different demographics. We’ve created a simple, yet rigorous CRO process that has consistently proven to improve conversion rates for our clients. And keep in mind, conversion can mean many things. It can mean making a purchase, or it can mean reading your articles. Conversion always means that a consumer completes the desired action for your business goals.

To launch the CRO secret weapon, there are five steps:

  • Identify poor user experiences, sub-optimal pages and pain points
  • Measure current performance by benchmarking KPIs
  • Create or enhance website content, layout and imagery (the fun part!)
  • Test new content through A/B or multivariate testing
  • Learn from results and integrate findings into futures tests and creative design

Learn more about our CRO offering here.