Pieces of the Performance Puzzle: Paid Social

Social media is an integral part of brand marketing today.  Did you know that people spend two hours a day on social media, and that the average person checks their Facebook news feed 14 times a day? It sounds crazy, but if you think about your personal behavior, it is embarrassingly accurate. In fact, of the 3 hours we spend on mobile each day, 30% of that time is spent interacting with social media. That’s more than spent on Google, MSN and Yahoo properties combined.

We see social media everywhere we look. Whether it’s a hashtag on a billboard, or our favorite morning news anchors encouraging us to tweet to them, social has become a massive piece of an overall communications strategy for brands.  It’s a vital ingredient for optimum performance across the consumer’s entire path to purchase. The evolution of paid social has moved beyond just Facebook and a couple of ad units, to 8+ platforms, 110+ ad units and nearly infinite targeting opportunities, requiring a level of specialism to manage.

Paid Social was the first service offering iProspect launched under the Earned Media service category (which also includes social media management and native advertising), because it has the unique ability to reach a highly qualified, targeted audience. Social provides a strong degree of accuracy and the creative flexibility that affords opportunities for personalized storytelling and performance at scale.

Social media is increasingly becoming a paid platform. Gone are the days when a simple post or tweet could generate engagement. And, we are seeing a massive increase in direct conversion and consumer action as a result of social platforms. 

For example, our client, Under Armour, recognizes the power of Paid Social and uses it to drive additional revenue for their online store. 

There is no cookie cutter strategy or standard key performance indicator. We successfully drive qualified and efficient consumer actions toward a brand’s ultimate business objectives. And to truly drive performance, we apply the same rigor, bidding, testing and measurement approach to Paid Social that we do to our agency’s longstanding history in our cornerstone offering, Paid Search.