iProspect Enterprise: A B2B Think Tank

The B2B landscape is rapidly changing, and so is the B2B customer. In fact, 98% of B2B purchase decisions begin with search. The average B2B customer goes 57% of the way towards a purchase without picking-up the phone. They search for and navigate online content that offers solutions to their business needs, consuming 10+ pieces of content before making a purchase decision. And, 80% of B2B decision makers read content on a mobile device.

The iProspect team proactively adapts and advances performance marketing strategies to meet the needs and answer the questions of our clients’ valuable customers. Today, I’m excited to announce iProspect Enterprise, a specialty group of digital marketers and B2B experts led by our resident B2B thought leader, Collin Cornwell, SVP Products & Services Delivery.

iProspect Enterprise is a think tank. It is our mission to pioneer the next generation of B2B marketing, including offering B2B specific content and research insights to our clients. We will deliver critical information and illuminate the customer’s disjointed, non-linear journey to conversion.

We are also pleased to partner with LinkedIn on a global level, a data-focused, first of its kind partnership that will benefit our B2B clients. iProspect and LinkedIn both see the massive opportunity to address the B2B market and help brands reach their target audiences. LinkedIn is focused on nurturing decision makers at every point in the B2B buying cycle, and they are truly excited to engage in this strategic alliance with iProspect in order to further realize this vision.

As the world's foremost performance marketing agency, we call upon our unmatched digital expertise and B2B know-how to propel iProspect Enterprise. Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to continuing this conversation.