Introducing iProspect's latest eBook: Exploring the Art and Science of Marketing Attribution

We’re thrilled to announce the joint release of iProspect and Visual IQ’s newest e-book, “Exploring the Art and Science of Marketing Attribution.

To succeed in this competitive and fast-changing environment, marketers need new tools and methodologies that enable them to see and understand the internal mechanisms and dynamics of their marketing.

Marketing attribution illuminates the full scope of how your prospects and customer engage with your brand – across all channels. It ties your marketing touch points together to instantly clarify which combination of factors influence conversion.

These are the insights you need to make smarter marketing decisions.

In this one-of-a-kind eBook you will learn:

  • Five key benefits of marketing attribution
  • Six common misconceptions about attribution — and the truth
  • How to get started – a philosophy and a roadmap
  • How brands are putting marketing attribution and its benefits into action

Don’t miss out. Download this eBook today.