iProspect Wins 2015 iMedia Agency Award: Best Agency for Search

A few months ago, I blogged about iProspect’s nominations for iMedia’s Agency Awards. Last night, iProspect was named iMedia’s 2015 Best Agency for Search! Thank you to the iMedia community for this great honor, and to all who voted which comprised an important portion of the final award determination.

As iMedia said on their site late last night, “Search has long been a mainstay of digital marketing. But as the channel grows more sophisticated, it's increasingly becoming a place where brands can have one-to-one conversations with consumers. More often than not, iProspect is in the middle of those engagements.”

Noted for our pioneering work with Lids, including creating a custom script to automate real-time bid increases for products related to March Madness winners, and our work with GMC to capitalize on the untapped opportunity of non-brand search terms, iProspect continues to innovate and lead the industry in our agency’s heritage offering – Search.

As one of the first in the industry, iProspect has managed Search on behalf of brands since 1996. Our search expertise allows us to excel across the entire integrated digital performance marketing spectrum - bought, owned, earned and content channels.

I’m very proud of our team for their continued commitment to excellence. What a great way to finish 2015.