Global Brand Marketers: Get Your Passports Ready

Of all the things I love about my job, this annual white paper is high on my list.  As I set out to find the right topic for this year’s study, I looked for a consumer that no one was really talking about, yet one of vital importance to a variety of marketers beyond luxury, and definitely beyond the US border. While I dug into consumers of different income brackets, behavior patterns, genders and ages, the International Business Traveler emerged as a fascinating, powerful and elusive consumer.  This target can be hard to reach because they are ahead of the digital curve and extremely brand savvy, but so intensely receptive to digital that I knew every digital marketer would want to learn more. I was also inspired by the idea of what it would take to truly become a brand without marketing borders; we developed focused strategies across a wide variety of channels that can connect brands to the IBT throughout their travel journeys as they move effortlessly between screens, media and time zones.

The IBT is adventurous, financially secure, hyper connected, mobile and receptive to digital advertising. Because of their rapid pace of life, IBTs are difficult to reach with traditional media. Both at home and away, this multi-tasking expert is looking for a unique experience. Maybe it’s a gift for their significant other or child, or a well-deserved reward for their own hard work. They want to create memories and collect meaningful treasures, and they expect your help. For brands and businesses to succeed going forward, they must fiercely adopt a comprehensive, people-first marketing model on a global scale. 

In this industry-first study, informed by iProspect’s global consumer study (CCS), we take an in-depth look at the IBT and present the strategies and tactics needed to earn their loyalty. I hope you enjoy reading (and sharing!) our research as much as I enjoyed uncovering them.

The IBT is highly valuable to several industries – travel and hospitality, luxury, retail, finance, and technology sectors. As a global brand marketer, now is the time to get your passport ready! Reach out with any questions! I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Read our white paper "Going Global: The International Business Traveler" today.