POV on Google's Enhanced Campaigns: Extensive testing and $6M in spend later

When Google first announced Enhanced Campaigns, permanently changing the paid search landscape, we were ready to share the benefits and concerns with you. In fact, we were one of the first to release a POV outlining the good and the bad.

We began testing one month before Google’s initial announcement in February and have seen solid trends and results based on managing over $6 million in spend for a select group of 10 clients.

We’re excited to release our finding in our latest iProspect POV- Enhanced Campaigns Findings: Based on Extensive Testing & $6M in Spend. In this follow-up paper, iProspect reviews the changes Google has made since the initial announcement, actual impact on CPCs, and 7 tips to maximize Enhanced Campaigns.

Remember – July 22 is the deadline to transition all paid search campaigns to this new bid management feature. Access the POV today and ensure you are prepared.