Group of diverse women

Closing the Gender Gap: Tips to Empower Change

International Women’s Day is here again and the importance surrounding has been heightened, to say the least.  We’ve all seen the news; story after story of issues with gender inequality in every professional industry. Now, more than ever, we need to take action to push for progress from classrooms, to employers, and everyone in between. At iProspect, we have created an environment that fosters talent and encourages growth, regardless of gender, not just this week or today, but every single day.

While many companies are focused on closing the gender gap when it comes to the workforce, we have already ensured that women and men are paid equally based on talent and experience. We take diversity and inclusion seriously at this company, and that means practicing what we preach. Women are valued just as much as men at iProspect – 53 percent of our employee base and 35 percent of our local U.S. leadership team is made up of women (and growing!).

But the idea of inclusion and diversity goes beyond women vs. men. We are constantly looking to hire individuals who come from different backgrounds and bring different mindsets and skillsets to the table. This means hiring more women, but also hiring women and men who offer us something new, whether it be a skill, a new culture, or a brand-new idea that we can bring to for our clients.

“iProspect is committed to fostering a workplace that is free from discrimination in all of its forms,” said Jeremy Cornfeldt, President of iProspect U.S. “We focus on hiring the best and brightest in the industry and we compensate them fairly, regardless of race, gender or any other qualities. Ensuring that we give everyone equal opportunity to build successful careers is our number one priority and it is on all of us as a community to work together to truly conquer the divide among genders.”

So, when you think about closing the gender gap and making a difference in equality for women, you may ask “how can I get involved?” To be honest, sometimes the hardest part is getting started, so we wanted to share a few key tips to help you hit the ground running: 

  • Use the power of networking to influence change. There’s strength in numbers and networking is key to addressing the problem. Opportunities that come from networking can help women grow in their careers, build confidence and recognize that we are all challenged to find a work-life balance that works for us all as individuals.

  • Find a mentor. Learning from a role model is more valuable than ever. Whether that role model is a man or woman, look for someone who is a positive influence on your career, who will help you grow into the role you want to have, and one who respects you as a person, regardless of gender.

  • Ask questions. It’s something we’ve been taught since grade school, but we tend to forget its importance. Asking questions can not only help us get to the root of issues, but can also help us to understand the thinking and experiences of those around us. This leads to supportive, empathetic environments that benefit all employees.

At the end of the day, we are all after the same outcome: ensuring that gender inequality ceases to exist. As a company (and hopefully as a community at large), we will do whatever we can to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunity to build successful careers.