POV: Advertising on Facebook just became more relevant

Facebook's recent announcement to introduce Dynamic Product Ads creates a massive opportunity for retailers who invest in product feed programs and social media. It provides consumers with advertising that is more relevant to them.

With FBX, consumers that shop products on participating websites or apps will see product ads appear in their news feed. However with DPA, the increased level of targeting and content customization allows us to maintain control over real-time optimization across audience segments. This ensures that the advertising consumers receive from brands and merchants are more relevant to the products they are interested in purchasing. 

iProspect is uniquely positioned to drive success for our clients with this new product offering since it brings together two of our specialisms into one cohesive solution: Structured Data & Feeds and Paid Social Advertising

Learn more about how this impacts marketers, the consumer and how to make the most of this exciting innovation in the social commerce space by reading our newest POV, "Facebook Introduces Dynamic Products Ads" today.