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A Bright Future with Twitter's Video Studio

Following the recent announcement of the DAN Twitter Video Studio partnership, iProspect was invited to Twitter’s headquarters last week, where they gave us a “peek under the hood”, sharing their suite of future video products that we can exclusively use to help our clients.

The new DAN Twitter Video Studio is aligned around three pillars with the goal to streamline custom video creation and editing for the mobile feed:

  • Cut is specifically used to deliver custom edits of client video assets at speed, optimizing the content for mobile feed.

  • Create is data-driven, mobile-first creative, leveraging Twitter’s Niche platform – an influencer network.

  • Consult is a collaboration with DAN agency Data2Decisions, that shows the impact of creative on sales and to better understand the business value of video creative.

While onsite at Twitter last week, we heard from Twitter’s Oliver Snoddy, Sr. Director or Marketing and Kayvon Beykpour, GM of Video and Co-Founder of Periscope, as well as our DAN Agency Partners at Twitter, Ryan Moore and Meredith Rauh. The biggest takeaway of the day: we as marketers have a new way to think about Twitter as an advertising platform. Here’s why:

“Design for the Feed”                                                                                                                            

We’ve been saying it for years, but research now reveals that this needs to be a priority. When all else is created equal, creative is what will make or break the campaign and is our most powerful optimization lever. But first, it starts with creating content that is designed for the mobile feed. It will give marketers the flexibility to allow the algorithms to auto-serve and optimize across various platforms, platforms and devices in real time, which we at iProspect have seen lead to a 10-30% increase in performance. More specifically, this means utilizing mobile specs for all ad units, short text and thumb-stopping media elements, with a focus on motion (video, GIF, etc.).

Real-Time Interests and Passions

Most social platforms, including Twitter, have the ability to target based on first-party data, demographics and interests. Twitter’s differentiator is that they can also target based on what people are talking about in real time and specifically who they follow, which gives Twitter the ability to tap in to what people are interested in and passionate about right now (vs. what they may have interest or passion in years ago).

Be What’s Happening

When a user goes to Twitter to compose a new tweet, the prompt asks “What’s happening?” and Twitter touts themselves as being “what’s happening” and they also believe that their platform is where brands can “be what’s happening”.

We fully support this belief as we talk to more clients about Twitter: brands now have the ability to run video In-stream, alongside nationally broadcasted content that streams, as well as Twitter-exclusive broadcasts by creators whose content lives on Twitter. If done well, this allows brands to be part of something that’s happening in the here and now. While this has always been true as brands join live events and conversations, these new products have advanced targeting, measurement and higher impact that can be measured against true business objectives rather than aggregate engagements.

Brands have the opportunity to leverage Twitter to be the latest news.  Whether it’s a product drop, new store opening, major sale, brand event or any other moment – brands can use Twitter to ensure that they are what people know about, are talking about, and become what’s happening.

We realize that some advertisers have struggled to figure out how Twitter fits in to their media ecosystem, how to measure success and prove its value, but the advertisers who have embraced Twitter’s latest changes and are adapting their strategy are seeing true value against their business objectives. And we’re excited to be working to drive that with our clients.