Looking for a new opportunity? 30 ways to know you are a digital marketer

When we look up ‘digital marketing’ in the dictionary (online, of course), we get a standard definition, one that may be familiar to people who aren’t currently working in the space:

Digital marketing makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners.

But for those of us who do this for a living, what does it really mean to be a digital marketer – day to day? Here at iProspect, we are passionate, strong, enthusiastic, eager individuals who have the energy to not only keep up with but also shape this ever-evolving industry.

We’re on the search for people to join our team. Check out the below list to find out if the digital marketing world would be a fit for you!

  1. You spend time on blogs like Mashable, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch and Wired and are surprised that people read publications that are still printed on actual paper.
  2. A typical night in front of the TV: your computer is on your lap, smartphone in your hand doing three multiple things at once. Double points if you’re also using an iPad and triple points if you are using two computers.
  3. Your first, most immediate question to anyone that asks you a question about how to do something: “Have you Googled it?”
  4. To save your sanity, you break up your marathon Excel sessions with Cornhole tournaments against a colleague.
  5. Yelp – not a friend, colleague or family member – is your go-to for dinner recommendations.
  6. If something doesn’t change in your life at least once a week, you’re bored.
  7. If you left the house without your wallet for the day, you’d say “eh, whatever, I can borrow money.” If you leave your smartphone at home, you’d go all the way back for it.
  8. “Work hard, play harder” is your motto.
  9. Your face lights up at the thought of getting access to a company’s analytics.
  10. You can’t remember what life was like before Facebook and Twitter.
  11. You name your team’s beer fridge “302” because it is always temporarily redirecting you from where you meant to go.
  12. There are days when a fourth monitor on your desk would really help.
  13. You critique websites out loud as you’re shopping.
  14. You have knee-jerk impulses to ask “What’s the year-over-year change in performance?” when out in a bar.
  15. You can confidently pick out HTML versus JavaScript in the blink of an eye, and can still craft an eloquently worded explanation why a client’s favorite keyword dropped from position three to position four.
  16. You build AdWords campaigns so large that you need to leave your laptop running overnight to upload them.
  17. You are intrigued in the traffic patterns, user behavior, conversion rate and site experience between people searching for rental cars and car rental.
  18. You have deep, passionate, heartfelt opinions about the use of the word shoes vs. footwear.
  19. Efficiency is always on your mind, even when loading the dishwasher or packing a suitcase.
  20. When your mom reminds you to send a thank-you note, you reply with “It’s done. I already posted it on Facebook.”
  21. You would send a thank you email after an interview, even after they warned you about spending all day in Excel.
  22. At night, you dream of pivot tables and macros on a weekly basis.
  23. That new cat video? Yep, you saw it. Oh, the hilarious hamburger eating a panda GIF? So last week. The Ryan Gosling meme? You started it.
  24. You have no aversion to being “wined and dined” by your vendor partners and doubly returning the favor to your clients – champagne and caviar anyone?
  25. When you’re tasked with creating a 50-slide digital strategy, you might skip to your desk to get started (after stopping by the fridge for a beer, of course).
  26. Sometimes you register for a website just so you can judge the conversion process.
  27. You weren’t surprised when Yahoo! bought Tumblr.
  28. Learning something new every day is like chugging Red Bull – it gives you wings.
  29. Customized display ads do not creep you out – In fact, you appreciate it when advertisers do it. You’re so busy, you forgot you wanted to book that trip to Miami or buy that new pillow.
  30. Your significant other has to ask you to stop trying to optimize their Facebook page.

This somewhat silly checklist does make a point and each iProspect team member can find a variety of tidbits that resonate personally. If you read this list and thought to yourself, “Wow, that sounds like me” then take the next step and check out our careers page with opportunities in all our offices – New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Fort Worth and San Francisco. We hope to see you at the next office Cornhole tournament or team bonding happy hour.