Lake Tahoe

MediaPost's Data and Programmatic Insider Summit

When: August 22-25, 2018

Where: Lake Tahoe, CA


Hear from our VP, Head of Display, Dillon Lockett, at the "Solving for First Party Data Panel" on Thursday, August 23rd at 9:45AM. He'll be joining the panel along with Evan Hanlon, President at PLATFORM US, and Avvo Director of Marketing, Libby Snead.

First party data is the new gold for marketers. But collecting, governing, mining and activating that trove is a multipart challenge. How are brands solving for siloed customer data points, normalizing that data, and using it to drive advertising campaigns in particular. Are they conducting format data and audience audits? What unexpected sources of customer data are they assembling? How are they organizing their marketing teams around a data-centric approach? Our panel shares lessons learned, missteps and fair warnings for fellow marketers.

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VP, Head of Display