MediaPost Search Insider Summit

When: April 26-29, 2017

Where: Captiva Island, FL


Hear from our Head of Owned Media, Steve Beatty, at the "Digital Assistants: The Next Generation That Redefines Digital Marketing Measurement Panel" on Friday, April 28 at 9:15 AM. He is moderating the session along with our client, Scott Bailey from TEN Automotive, and Bing Search Evangelist, Christi Olson.

On the wings of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, digital assistants are rising to the forefront. Just as the mobile revolution ushered in an entirely new consumer behavior, voice-based interaction of the digital assistant represents more than just another screen. It will require marketers to adopt a new way to measure these engagements. Hear first-hand perspectives and examples of how brands, agency and search engines will adopt the technology and the measuring sticks for this ubiquitous new interface: relevance, customer advocacy, brand loyalty, and conversational commerce.

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Head of Owned Media