Media Consulting


We help clients in commerce transformation through performance marketing. We have rich performance marketing experience and have transformed the expertise into media consulting services to help our clients solve media investment and execution pain points, building talent, and performance in-housing teams. Strengthen long term performance goals via media strategy, tools, and platform as well as talent consulting services.

We leverage the entire performance media ecosystem, from programmatic display to native advertising and video, to engage customers in positive experiences that ultimately drive transactions.


To deep dive into the root cause of the performance gaps across devices.
To reveal the holistic view of media resource allocation and the consistency between the strategy and deliverable.
To lift up performance through automation and platform solutions.


Our Media consultants have an average of 7 years of experience in performance media, tech operation, and business processes. All consultants have built-in sophisticated thinking that accelerates brands` commerce results from media consultancy.


  1. Inhouse

    We replicate our successful performance model to clients` business through in-housing team or vendor hiring, talent management, operation, solutions and tools adoption, and portfolio strategy guidance.

  2. Analytics framework definition

    Depending on where a client is in their transformation journey, we define a shared  understanding of the measures which drive their business. Identifying which of these KPIs and associated metrics can be affected by technical  changes and marketing optimization not only determine how the technology should be deployed but adds perspective to the data that is captured.

  3. Audit

    Our audits identify the business needs and data that will enable attribution. This allows us to recommend the next steps for global and local media strategy, operation, or the technological solution that is the best fit for the near and long-term.

  4. Analysis and Actions

    Our consultants analyze the results from the touchpoints to understand the full funnel drivers of digital performance. We will then proceed with media portfolio and media investment design to generate the best ROAS.

  5. CRO

    Our conversion rate optimization solution can increase the effectiveness of our clients’ websites by making positive alterations to user interface and user experience based on observed data.

  6. Training

    We train our clients on how to interpret the result of the audit, analysis or global/local media trends. Thus expediting adoption and maximizing clients' return on investment.