Data Consulting


As a performance agency leader, we help our clients to discover the unknown using the data we know today, leveraging data as a compass to drive business and commerce performance and ensure successful business applications from a holistic view.

Our data-centric approach targeting individuals across, marketplaces, and retail stores drives commerce results at scale.


To review and utilize all data sources for commerce analytics purposes.
To transform the data into the key to lift long term business value.
To use data as a compass to drive business performance. ​
To discover the unknown using the data we know today.


Our data consultants have specialties from system development, machine learning, consumer journey analysis, predictive analysis along with the onboarding and training of Martech tools. Together, we can lift brands' demands for data to drive today's commerce performance, GCP and GMP partners.


  1. Data consulting

    We work closely with clients' cross-functional teams to discover business challenges solved by data- driven approaches.

  2. Data Foundation

    Working on location or remotely, our technical experts configure, test, and launch the selected tools. This can be working alongside in-house resources, or on full-service basis. Data governance, management, and data enrichment are advised to fulfill the analysis requirements.

  3. Machine Learning and insights

    We perform analysis with machine learning to identify risks and opportunities. We deploy the clients' select technology, built on our own best practice guidelines and customized to address the requirements defined within the analytics framework.

  4. Business Application

    We act as neutral arbiters of data, providing one view that all parties agree on. We then turn this into action, data supportive recommendations for business applications that are usable right then and there.

  5. Training and support

    To get the most value from analytics technologies, we provide expert training and technical support to clients ranging from global brands to agile start-ups. Typically, this involves building a bespoke curriculum to ensure all stakeholders within the organization can use and act upon the insights, especially as teams evolve and grow.