Content Consulting


We leverage search technology and offer synergy strategies to help clients balance media investment, find business and content opportunities to turn intent into business performance.

Data-infused content drives rich experiences made for real people.


To provide technical consultation to improve web property indexability.
To connect SEO with SEM and improve search visbility and budget allocation.
To provide a proper data-driven approach to identify right audiences, their trending topics and specific-channel preferences transforming into business insight for content development.


Our content consultants have a mixed background in informational science and engineering, which allows us to perform divergent and convergent thinking for complex analysis in social and intent discovery that helps SEO and content strategy and execution.


  1. Consumers Insight

    We put search data at the forefront of user intent. This is combined with proprietary dashboard panel connecting search, social media, survey, and other third party data. We have in-house machine learning to help process all this information at massive scale.

  2. Optimization strategy

    Starting with audience and search intent analysis, we then map the proper content to the respective keywords. Next, we provide backlink guideline and optimization strategies to help boost ranking performance.

  3. Technical optimization

    This includes a thorough multi-point audit, page speed projects, server log analysis, CMS/responsive design QA, indexation improvement, HTTPS and site migrations.

  4. Content Amplification Methdology

    We leverage the most effective tactics to distribute and optimize content pieces where and when it matters the most: web site and offsite content, influencer marketing, paid search, paid social, native advertising, programmatic video, retargeting/re-messaging tactics, and more.

  5. Training and support

    To get the most value from analytics technologies, we provide expert training and technical support to clients ranging from global brands to agile start-ups. This typically involves building a bespoke curriculum to ensure all stakeholders within the organization can use and act upon the insights, especially as teams change and grow.

  6. SEO & SEM Synergy

    Every keyword has its own search intent which is why it's important to understand whether a keyword is purchase driven or awareness driven in order to decide which search channel combination is best to reach the optimial performance. SEM budgets can also be wasteful if we do not resolve page experience and relevancy to the keywords, for this reason, having a OneSearch team will better be equipped to strategize and optimize the keyword campaigns.