The Challenge

With more than 78,000 employees managing a portfolio of 32 brands across 130 countries, L'Oréal is one of the jewels of the cosmetics industry. L'Oréal wanted to review its competitive intelligence to obtain a vision truly adapted to the complexity of digital. If the brands limited in the past their scope of competition to other sectoral players, they must today be careful to include indirect competitors that take different forms: e-commerce sites, beauty blogs, specialized sites, etc. All struggle for the consumer attention within the same visibility areas as search engine results pages.

L'Oréal asked iProspect Data Consulting to lead the call for technology solutions that would enable it to obtain this holistic vision.

The Results

iProspect Data Consulting has successfully carried out L'Oréal's support mission, from the analysis of the responses of 50 L'Oréal employees across 15 countries to the selection of platforms for verbal sessions and exercises. data collection and technical reliability tests.


Analyzed answers


Data qualification exercises


Data reliability tests

The Strategy

1) Audit and definition of needs

What data to use?

This is one of the first issues facing brands today. This is why it must be ensured that the data collected will meet a marketing objective and an end user's use. Mapping the company's data - the one it already has (digital measurement platforms, websites, mobile applications, CRM databases) and those it can acquire (via data providers) - and associate them with use of the data is a prerequisite for not getting lost in the volume of data available.

iProspect Data Consulting conducted a detailed audit of L'Oréal's specific needs across 15 countries and identified all data sources used to identify gaps and priorities.

2) Selection of partners

To select the best technology partner, we have defined a comprehensive and demanding six-dimensional scoring grid:

Methodological capacity
Scope of collected data (quantity and variety of sources)
Reliability of data (quality and relevance of sources)
Technical and legal compatibility
Services level agreement (essential to the guarantee of access to data by the brand).
International footprint

After an initial selection of 21 partners for the RFI, we analyzed more than 1,500 responses (functional, legal, technical, strategic) to retain 12 candidates for the RFP. We consultants then mentored a dozen data qualification exercises and conducted 30 data reliability and stability exercises. 8 partners participated in 4 oral sessions and L'Oréal contracted directly with 3 partners from our selection process.