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You know them; people who always have a reason to be a nice game of negative. Keyboard heroes who send the most nasty messages into the world without embarrassment or social barriers; the downside of social media. The amount of hatred in the world seems to be on the rise - a major social problem. Tele2 wants to do something about this! Especially in the context of the Christmas thought, with a campaign in which people are called to answer to online hatred with a big smile and lots of love. Because love is stronger than hatred. Famke Louise is an influencer who knows how it is to be confronted daily with online hatred. She also plays a role in the special Christmas video that encourages people online what they prefer from each other. To fight offline hatred, there was also a special Tele2 cuddle tram that you could ride for free after giving a big hug. The hashtag #hatersgonnalove has been brought to life and there is a lovelovelove toolkit where you could download loving GIFs or sound bites to share. Because sharing is caring! Through this statement, we hope that we have made the world a little bit cozier. That the next time, people will think extra well before a message is sent into the world. Give love love love!


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The goal of this campaign full of love is: Increasing our brand consideration by strengthening our image as a quality, fun provider - different from other providers. The target group we want to reach is 16 to 34 years old. Tele2's independent research has shown that it is precisely the younger target group that spends a lot of time online that finds it easier to express negative feelings online than in 'real' life. Seven in ten Dutch people are sick of all the negativity online. The Netherlands believes that the number of angry reactions has increased substantially in three years (62%) and that the tone has become tougher (66%). The positioning of Tele2 as a 'fun' provider fits in well with this.

Creative Concept

Tele2 believes that shameless haters must be gagged with love. We prefer not to mix ourselves in conversations, but give people the tools to work with a mountain of love themselves. We call on the Netherlands to help fight hate. And create a movement through the hashtag: #hatersgonnalove. A relevant and funny variant of the well-known internet term 'haters going to hate'. The campaign starts with a loving Christmas video in which a Barry White-like type takes us into the world of 'haters'. The Christmas video is targeted on the well-known social platforms, blogs, viral platforms and Dumpert.nl - spot-on for this target group. In addition, online news sites and television are used to increase the reach and visibility of the message. Online we offer a mountain of loving GIFs and sound bites that everyone can use. All unbranded. The content does contain hashtags, so people will always link it to #hatersgonnalove. After seeing the Christmas video, the target group is followed up online with the message to spread the love. Influencers were used to activate the Christmas video and hashtag #hatersgonnalove. The selection is based on influencers who have also experienced hate on the internet. They (including Famke Louise, Shelly Sterk, Nicolette Kluiver and Kaj Gorgels) provide the video with a personal note about their own online 'hate' experience and share it on their channels. Kaj Even went a step further by sharing images of his encounter with one of his online haters. This video proved to be a perfect way to encourage the target group to do something with the theme and the Tele2 toolkit. And just before Christmas there is a special tram through Amsterdam with which you can travel free of charge and get a soft toy. Because, just like online, conductors experience daily hatred and aggression. Not because it must, but because it works.

Tele2 - Haters Gonna Love

Tele2 sends love to online haters