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Challenge & Goals

Not only KARWEI and GAMMA, but also other e-commerce parties have a huge product range, products which also contain different characteristics such as brand, color and size. As a result, the Google bots often do not understand these complex and endless combinations of URLs. The impact of this simple, yet complex change is underestimated by many companies. As a result, the so-called pagerank is not passed on optimally internally. This has a negative impact on online visibility in search engines and therefore also online sales. How can a 'clean' URL structure be successfully implemented, resulting in organic sessions and sales for KARWEI and GAMMA?


Increase organic market share


Increase in organic sessions


Increase organic market share for KARWEI by 29.2% and GAMMA by 28.7% Increase in organic sessions for KARWEI 25.4% YoY and GAMMA 29.9% YoY Increase in organic sales for KARWEI with 38.7 and GAMMA with 8.9% A large and risky URL change that was successfully implemented for all Intergamma formulas, with a significant increase in organic visibility and revenue as a result.

Increase in organic sales



On the 11th of May, 1971, the first GAMMA opened its doors in Breda. The main target group of the wholesale trade: small contractors. But it soon became clear that the store is particularly popular with 'regular' customers. The owners therefore changed the wholesale trade in a retail trade. This created the first building market: a store for the do-it-yourselfer. In order to make the product range easier to find for this do-it-yourselfer, after a comprehensive technical audit a plan has been made to roll out the URL structure per environment, first and foremost for the 'assortment'.


A complex URL structure was converted to 'clean' and shorter URLs. This new URL structure was technically implemented correctly everywhere. Think of the main menu, canonicals, pagination, navigation, breadcrumbs, sitemaps and more. With the go-live of the new URL structure, a migration was made from the old to the new URLs using one to one 301 redirects to keep the pagerank. Finally, the migration was tightly monitored in order to be able to switch quickly in case of any deployment bugs. Ultimately, this resulted in a significant growth for both formulas whereby two major competitors were passed on organic market share!

About Intergamma

Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas from GAMMA and KARWEI. With almost 400 DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, they have been the undisputed number one in the DIY market for years. In Europe they belong to the 15 largest.


Significant increase in market share & turnover for Intergamma

Successful implementation of 'clean' URL structure