Master Search dashboard for Intergamma


Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas KARWEI and GAMMA. With nearly 400 DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, they have been the number one on the DIY market for years and are among the 15 largest in Europe. How can we continue to grow organic sales in a season with a very extensive range and many online (niche) competitors through the right budget allocation? * No additional budget has been allocated for this project, but is part of the total SEO budget.


Since 2015: Gives this dashboard insight into the market potential and current market share; Based on the dashboard, the complete Search strategy has been determined; Inspires this every day to add new assortment with a lot of potential; Is the dashboard improved to this day with new insights.


YoY increase traffic


YoY increase in sales


In order to map the growth potential, a very extensive keyword research was carried out, whereby each keyword was categorized by product group, phase of the customer journey, CTR (Click Through Rate), AOV (AverageOrder Value) and CR (Conversion Rate) and then plotted. These keywords come from various data sets and tools including Google keywordplanner, SEA campaigns, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Keywordshitter, Mergewords, Answerthepublic, YouTube, product feed more.

The search behavior of the do-it-yourselfer of today was plotted and categorized, resulting in a master excel dashboard consisting of more than 60,000 search terms and roughly 20 product groups. In addition, the current market share of the formulas was mapped, as well as the top 10 competitors per product group, resulting in millions of rows of data.


The dashboard shows the total market volume per product group, the potential and the current market share of Intergamma. On this basis, a strategy was determined to use this potential as well as possible with the available SEO budget. You can also select multiple scenarios that are linked to certain optimization activities. The dashboard offers insight into the visibility of the formulas in the different phases of the customer journey and the type of content that needs to be optimized. In addition, the dashboard provides input for inspiring content (blogs) and job advices. Funfact: the market share overview per product group was also produced as a poster and hung throughout the company to inform the stakeholders of the product groups and to involve more SEO.

About Intergamma

Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas GAMMA and KARWEI. With almost 400 DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, they have been the undisputed number one in the DIY market for years. In Europe they belong to the 15 largest.