Tele2 Presents Gotu Jim:


Tele2 is always looking for new, innovative, and striking ways to show how unlimited data makes your life just a bit more fun. Tele2 is the Fun-Rebel of the Dutch telecom market and aims to ensure that everyone has the right mobile phone subscription to make full use of the internet. Tele2 made the first music video in the world that takes your mobile data subscription into account with rapper Gotu Jim (1997).


Gotu Jim is a talented rapper from the Burning Fik label of Faberyayo (Jeugd-van-Tegenwoordig). In terms of sound, this fits perfectly with Tele2. Young, accessible, and with self-mockery. The match with the Tele2 target group Generation Now (m / f 18-34 years) who are glued to their phone is spot on. Objective: Tele2 wants to connect with the experience of Generation Now in an impactful way to generate brand awareness around the Unlimited subscription. By applying various smart digital and analog techniques, Tele2 made two versions of a music video clip: a Limited version if you have limited amount of data (19mb). And an Unlimited version in which we showed a lot in color and movement for a limitless experience (148mb). In the concept, both video clips were shown in a fully integrated campaign. The target group was activated to make their own choice of the music video clip from the advertisement.


The music video clip was launched via the social channels of Gotu Jim, his label Burning Fik. It was further driven by his mentor Faberyayo with activation for the win promotion for unique T-shirts. This resulted in a lot of PR and was the perfect kick-off. The campaign was targeted. Online via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. Banners and placements in relevant video and music sites. Offline via (digital) OOH in student cities, Boomerang cards, toilet posters, and t-shirts.


Million video views


higher CTR vs. benchmark


banner impressions vs. benchmark


post engagement via Instagram Stories Poll ads


This distinctive campaign has increased brand awareness. The association with the desired image of Tele2 has been established, as has the link with the proposition "unlimited data." And this through a hard insight from a hard to reach target group, linked to a relevant offer, packaged as entertainment (instead of advertising).