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Tele2 wants to be present at its audience at the moments that matter, with content that is entertaining, informative and relevant. How can Tele2's target audience experience more positive moments with the Tele2 content *, especially at times when the target audience was not necessarily looking for Tele2? * The content has been created in collaboration with QontentMatters.


Growth in organic traffic


Rise in average rankings for 3,700 keywords


In less than ten months time more than 1,000% growth in organic traffic on an already existing blog. Collaboration desks: Tele2, Qontent Matters and iProspect

Increase in average number of pages visited



After making the customer journey, a data-driven approach has made it possible to discover how Tele2 can reach and inspire its target group with regard to topics that are also close to the Tele2 brand. By using multiple data sets and channels, the optimal content strategy was explained that combines insights from Search, Social, E-mail and Campaigns to achieve strong growth. Three themes were selected where Tele2 would become the authority. In addition, three articles per week were consistently published that were pushed through various channels such as E-mail, Social and Search, which was also geared to the Tele2 Campaigns.


A very extensive keyword research was done in which thousands of keywords were categorized by theme and moment in the customer journey. The traffic potential has been calculated and prioritized for each theme. Finally, topics were selected that are also close to Tele2 as a brand. In addition, various tools were used to find out what content viral is about social and what type of content it is (article, video, image, gif, etc.). The content was pushed through the Social channels of Tele2, a monthly E-mail newsletter and continuously via Search. Search was the most important channel, with Tele2 very well visible on the most important keywords in search engines. This data-driven, multichannel approach was the basis of the growth. Finally, besides creating the content, the blog as a platform was further optimized. For example, internal links and widgets were added to keep the reader longer on the platform.

About Tele2 Nederland

Tele2 is a telecom provider and provides both fixed and mobile telephony services, data networks and internet services. The company has become known for offering cheap calls for consumers. Tele2 has been part of T-Mobile since 2018 in Nedeland.


Data-driven multi-channel approach boost organic traffic

Tele2 Blog: Data-driven multi-channel approach with branding ensures 1,000% growth in organic traffic