Action is a retailer that does not yet have a webshop. As such, the main goal is to drive people to brick and mortar stores. The challenge was to figure out the correct and appropriate online marketing channels to boost store visits and sales in Action stores. In this market of increased selection and competition it’s a challenge to target potential customers effectively while retaining existing customers. The Action stores are all set in different geographical locations. As such, a traditional marketing campaign would be too broad in targeting. It is important to be able to adjust the marketing strategy smoothly in different situations, geographical locations and for different target audiences.

Insight & Strategy

We aimed to come up with solutions where insights into real people would drive a strategy that combines the discipline of media effectiveness with the innovation that connects with audiences in different and better ways to deliver positive business outcomes for clients and their brands.

Based on insights gathered on target audiences around the stores, through Google store visits data and location data, we were able to determine the right online channels to use, which localized ads to use (through A/B ad testing), and which keywords in Google would grant the highest number of store visits, while also pointing the customer to the nearest store location.


iProspect developed a test to determine the incremental value of the measured Store Visits. For this experiment we started with the following research question: To what extent can measured Google Store Visits be credited to Paid Search? The goal was to find out what the incrementality is of the Store Visits that are measured. To test this, we wanted to compare the Google Store Visit rate of two groups of users: 1. Users exposed to an Action ad (control) 2. Users not exposed to an Action ad (experiment) By comparing the Store Visit rates of both groups, we could then calculate the incrementality of Google Store Visits for Paid Search.


The campaign resulted in an 18% annual sales growth in France, while the online presence also ensured the store visit rate was 3x higher than benchmark in both the Netherlands and Germany.

The Results

For Action, this experiment helped to get closer to the truth, get buy-in from the organization and work towards an OMNI-channel strategy. Before this test, we did not know by how much we should discredit the Google Store Visits. Now we know exactly by how much. For Action, this had the following effects: It convinced stakeholders in the organization who (justly) had doubts about the incrementality of Google Store Visits. We can make much better decisions about the profitability of Paid Search, and to some extent about Online Marketing as a whole. We can make better use of Google Store Visits to optimize and steer our Paid Search campaigns.


the incrementality of Google Store Visits

“Thousands of people visit our stores daily already. To show the added value of Google Search it was essential to prove to senior leadership that these ads drive incremental store traffic. This creative experiment as proposed by iProspect proved to be the right data driven solution to demonstrate this.”

Bart Sikkema / Digital Marketing Manager @ Action

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