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The Challenge

According to the Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report 2018, 75% of Indians feel vacation deprived which is the highest in the world. So why are Indians not taking vacations? The major reason was the high cost associated with taking a trip with the family and this was an outcome of making bookings at the last moment.

Most Indians book tickets just 15 days prior to their vacation. Parents don’t plan their vacation till their kids’ exams are over - April/May. From a business point-of-view, post December, there is a lull in bookings. The challenge was to get people to book in advance by educating them about the advantage of booking tickets during this period - BIG savings.

The Results

Digital reach of 42.4 Million in 45 days


Advance bookings up by 49%



After a comprehensive analysis of the Indian psyche, we also concluded that main influencers in a family are children. And this led us to zero down on our main protagonist for the campaign - a child.

The best emotional stimulator for vacation deprived Indians would be a kid talking to them. We shot a video and our campaign was called #UddKeJao. So, the child communicated this message in the video - if a summer vacation is planned well in advance, the cost for the flight and stay can come down considerably - close to 50%. Hearing this from the kid’s perspective, would surely hit the right notes with Indians who are generally moved by emotion-led campaigns.


To encourage people to book flight tickets in advance so as to increase sales during the lull period.