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In today’s modern advertising industry, there is a tendency to split down two different paths— science and creativity. Intelligent content bridges that gap.

We've taken the process of creating Intelligent Content and distilled it into 4 basic steps. The goal of intelligent content is to bridge science and creativity to create content that contributes to your bottom line. 

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Video Series: Intelligent Content with Learn Inbound

We teamed up with Learn Inbound to help demystify our Intelligent Content offering, as well as to explain how you can start taking small steps to infuse Intelligent Content to your campaigns today.

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Blog Post: Intelligent Content for the User

intelligent content

Content has been crowned king, queen and is the answer to the question your client is about to ask. It’s a strategy, a service, a step in the search funnel. It’s, in one word, essential. But how do you do it well? Content that converts needs to be more than a buzzword or an infographic. It needs to think like the user, be where the user is, and speak users’ language.

It needs to be intelligent.

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Whitepaper: Discover the latest research from iProspect and BrightEdge.

content marketing whitepaper

Our latest research with BrightEdge looks that the future of content and performance, and how content increasingly needs to be driven by ROI – but how performance marketing also needs to backed up by high-quality editorialised content. It’s a paper that truly showcases the need to bring art and science together in order to cut through the noise online.

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Press Release: A New Era of Content

intelligent content

iProspect and BrightEdge looked at the performance of billions of pieces of content from over 9000 brands — including many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 industries — and found that although the biggest driver for performance was engagement, only 1 in 5 pieces of content produced by brands are engaged by their target audience.

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