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iAnalyse Series: Analysing iProspect

This week, you've heard us talk a lot in our iAnalyse series about how we measure and analyse everything. Well, we weren't kidding. 

For 6 days, 13 brave iProspectors let me turn them into human guinea pigs, tracking 6 different data points with variables over time. We* plugged these factors into some of our analytics tools, put our thinking caps on, and let the data tell us a story about our co-workers. What we found was both moderately disturbing and extremely enlightening.

Commute to Work:

Total time: 43.3 hours. Total distance: 884.7 KM.

If you consider time to and from work as approx. the same, the total would be 86.6 hours per week spent commuting. That's enough time to watch Interstellar 30 times (including bathroom breaks and getting popcorn), or walk from Dublin down the coast to Wexford -> Waterford -> Cork -> Killarney -> Tralee and still have time for dinner and a pint (or two).


At 96 minutes per person per day, that means with 253 working days a year (not counting holidays, to be fair), we spend a little  over 404 hours, or 16 days just getting into work. It's times like these that I maintain Harry Potter-style apparation isn't just wishful thinking for kids waiting for their Hogwarts enrolment letter.

Average distance per person: 176.94 km over the 6 days or 35.4 km per day.

This is the same distance as stage 14 in this year's Tour De France, which really shows how much more  impressive the riders are than our walk/cycle/Luas/DART rides into work ever will be. And if you're wondering, Rafal Majka won that leg in 5 hours and 16 minutes through an insanely rough terrain-- much faster than the 8 hours it takes us.

tour de france

Kind of makes you feel like an underachiever... just me?


Total Spend: €63.60. Average per person over 6 days: €6.36.

That's enough to stay a night at any of these places in Paris through Airbnb. 

airbnb paris

We drank 52 cups of coffee in the morning, and 24 in the afternoon in total for 76 total cups.


Average cup of coffee: 12oz, total of 912 oz or 25.85 KG for 6 days.

That's 16.2 grams of pure caffeine. Enough to kill 3 adults if taken all at the same time!

  caffeine can kill

If we're being honest... we were surprised that we didn't drink more.


Total sent: 2,350. Per person: 235. Per person per day: 47

Total Received: 3,689. Per person: 369. Per person per day: 74

We're officially data depositories. We receive just over 58% more emails than we send.


What's even more interesting is there was a direct correlation between the amount of coffee we drank and the number of emails we sent. 

False correlation? I think not. Unlike this...

false correlation
Courtesy of Buzzfeed: The 10 Most Bizarre Correlations

75kb is the average size of an email. The total number of emails sent over the course of the 6 days is 6039, for a whopping total of 453mb in emails. This is the equivalent of 75 songs, 3 hours of video on YouTube or visiting 9058 webpages.


821 songs total for the week, average of 16.42 songs per person per day.

Total of 5GB of data. Total of 52 hours. Or 50 minutes per person per day... meaning each of us could (almost) listen to Taylor Swift's new 1989 album once every day. (Some of us -who will not be named here- do.) 

swift 1989
Image source. 


Total of €111.90 spent over the week. Average of €1.85 per person per day.

Surprisingly, we're cheapskates. Not everybody bought lunch every day- many bring theirs in. Lunch was bought on 24 occasions, and brought in on 27 occasions. For people who did buy lunch, they spent on average €4.67 on lunch each time. The most popular lunch is a sandwich.

green bench sandwich
From the Green Bench, this iProspector's favourite sandwich shop. Image source.

Best lunch stat: One guinea pig said they had a 3 course meal bought for them. How does that happen and where do I sign up?


A total of €175.50 was spent over the week. If we scale that up to all employees, we would spend €403.65 per week on lunch and coffee. Which is €21,000 per year. €7,600 per year on coffee alone.

We also travel 3445km per week for all employees.

If we scale up the coffee results to reflect all staff, we would drink 3092KG of coffee per year. This is the weight of an elephant. We would also consume 1938 grams of caffeine, enough to kill 360 adults. Almost one person per day!

We would also send 281,000 and receive 441,000 emails per year, which is 55gb of data.

We would spend 6,200 hours listening to music every year, and listen to almost 100,000 songs.

We would spend 8,730 hours travelling to and from work per year and travel a total distance of 180,000km per year. This is 14 times around the world or halfway to the moon!

We would also consume 2,000 sandwiches every year (and 52 3 course meals!).

To wrap it all up...

Now that you're fully drenched in data, it's time we bit adieu to our week-long iAnalyse series. Until next month!

*John Mulligan, an analytical wizard on our social team,  helped me out with the graphs and data. Major kudos to John!