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Followerwonk: A Twitter Analytics Tool

Followerwonk by Moz released two new features this week which caught our attention here at iProspect Ireland. I decided to test out the new features but also to review the whole Twitter analytics tool.

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If you aren’t familiar with Moz’s Followerwonk Twitter analytics tool and the great Twitter statistics it can deliver, keep reading!

Followerwonk lets you analyse any Twitter account to help optimise your Twitter marketing strategy. According to Followerwonk, they believe they can help you optimise your strategy through doing the following; analysing your followers, where they are located, when they tweet, help you find and connect with the top influencers within your industry and deliver clear visualizations to compare your social graph to others. It really is an extremely useful Twitter analytics tool which can help you manage your followers, increase Twitter followers but most importantly get more targeted Twitter followers.


Followerwonk has five features which all pull different reports and information based on your Twitter followers and users you are following or the followers of another account and users they are following. The five features which you can see in the image above are Search Twitter Bios, Compare Users, Analyse Followers, Track Followers and Sort Followers. I am going to review aspects of each of the reports and explore how you can use the information to optimise your Twitter presence, strategy and achieve a more targeted reach.

Search Twitter Bios

What does the search Twitter bios feature do?

The search feature allows you to search key terms related to your industry or target audience. It will deliver a list of Twitter users who are interested in or related to your industry. If you are targeting people within a certain geographic region, you can fill in a location field. You can go another step further and sort this list of users by their social authority score or amount of followers.

search bios

What’s the benefit?

A list of highly targeted and valuable twitter users is displayed! A ‘follow’ button is located beside each user so you can follow immediately.

What’s the outcome?

By following these relevant and targeted users you can spread awareness and reach of your company and hopefully get a follow back, which means a valuable Twitter follower!

Compare Users

What does the compare users feature do?

This feature allows you to compare your Twitter followers with two other Twitter account’s followers or compare who you follow with the two other accounts, such as competitor or industry leader accounts. A social graph is displayed and you can see the crossover of followers between each account.


What’s the benefit?

You can pull a list of users that follow the two competitors or industry leaders but not your account. As these users follow both of your competitors or industry leaders, it signifies they are interested in your industry and therefore are a targeted user to follow. Again, you can sort this list of followers according to their social authority score and amount of followers.

What’s the outcome?

By following these users who are engaged with your industry already, they represent a highly targeted and valuable user to follow.

What would make this feature better?

A geographic filter would be of a huge benefit here if you are only interested targeting users in a certain country.

Analyse Followers

What does the Analyse Followers feature do?

This report allows you to deeply analyse the followers of any account or the users they are following. This feature is most beneficial for analysing your own followers to optimise your Twitter strategy. The report segments your followers into a large number of psychographic segments including gender and location, Twitter activity and more. Since this report gives you some of the best information to enhance your Twitter strategy, here is a complete list of the graphs the report contains; Mapped locations of followers, Most active hours of followers, Most active hours of your account, Social Authority scores of followers, Inferred gender of followers, Follower counts of followers, Following counts of followers, Account ages of followers, Recencies of tweets of followers, Total tweets of followers, Languages of followers, Percent of tweets with URLs of followers, Retweets as a percent of timelines of followers, @contacts as a percent of timelines of followers and Bio word cloud of followers. That’s a lot of insights to enhance your strategy!

The most useful chart data I found that can help enhance your Twitter strategy is ‘Most active hours of your account’ and ‘Most active hours of your followers’. These features were just released this week by Followerwonk. A new feature also includes the integration of the Buffer App with these charts so you can automatically schedule your tweets when your followers are most active and engaged.

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active hours
So what’s the benefit?

Find out what time of the day your followers are most active which allows you to tweet when your followers are online.

What’s the outcome?

By using this information you can now tweet when you’re followers are most active. Therefore, you have a better chance of your tweets being seen and engaged with and ultimately will increase your presence on Twitter.

What would make this feature better?

I found the charts which display percentage of tweets with URLs/@contacts/retweets, quite unclear and difficult to process and analyse.

Track followers

What does the Track Followers feature do?

The report displays an interactive graph tracking changes in your gained and lost followers over certain time periods. The graph can display trends for yesterday, this week, last 7 days, last 14days, this month, last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days and last 120 days. By clicking on certain dates on the graph you can see which users followed or unfollowed on that day.


Tracking changes of iProspect’s followers for the last 60 days.

What’s the benefit?

By seeing which day you had an increase or decrease of followers, you can go analyse the content of your tweets on that day. So did particular topics or content you tweeted about gain a lot of favourites, retweets or new followers? Alternatively, did you possibly lose a lot of followers on a day that you tweeted too much and flooded your follower’s Twitter feeds?

What’s the outcome?

You can use this information to guide the content of your future tweets to avoid losing followers. Alternatively, it works the same way for a day when you gained a lot of followers.

Sort Followers

What does the Sort Followers feature do?

It allows you to sort all of your Twitter followers or users you are following by applying a filter to see all of your followers, the users you follow, followers that you don’t return a follow to and users that you follow but don’t return a follow. You can add a second filter to whichever list you are analysing and see their; days on Twitter, tweet count, number of followers, number following and social authority.

What’s the benefit?

You can see who follows you but you don’t follow back with a high social authority or high number of followers.

What’s the outcome?

It allows you to follow valuable and targeted users back who are already interested in your company or brand because they follow you.

How to get access to Followerwonk

Moz Pro accounts now have free access to Followerwonk PRO but you can still access certain parts of the Twitter analytics tool for free without an account. However, you can sign up for a free 30- day Moz Pro for free! I definitely recommend doing so as you can test out all of Moz products as well as Followerwonk for free.

What do you think?

If this is your first time hearing or reading about Followerwonk, what do think of our review? Are you convinced it could make a real difference to your Twitter strategy and presence? Let us know by commenting below. I would love to hear your thoughts.