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5 Great Examples of eMarketing Emails

5 Great Examples of eMarketing Emails

With the never ending flow of emails filling up our inboxes each day it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to get their emails noticed. As marketers there’s the usual things we can do such as A/B testing, subject line optimisation and segmentation but in this post I’m going back to basics and looking at the content of 5 great examples of eMarketing emails. In my view there are 6 factors which should be considered when looking at the content being used in an email marketing campaign:
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Graphics
  • The offer
  • Call to action
  • Simplicity
  • Use of language

Analogue – App For iOS

The thing I really love about this email is its simplicity. It’s nice and short and makes it so easy for the recipient to convert. It ticks all the boxes in terms of stating the offer, a call to action, a description of the product, a testimonial and a product screenshot. There’s just no room for confusion with this email. So many email marketers get this wrong, packing so many offers in to one email, the recipient has no idea where to click first!



– Welcome To Your New iPhone 5 As you’d expect from all-conquering Apple, they’re one of the companies who do email marketing best. For such an image conscious company, their emails obviously look flawless but what impressed me about this particular email is that it’s such a great way to engage with a new customer. This was the very first email I received on my new phone so the fact that it’s giving me an overview of its uses is really helpful and makes sure that I’ll get the most out of the phone.


Firefox – Android Browser

Firefox are another organisation who do truly great email marketing. This email is super simple with a great call to action and beautiful graphics. Again, there’s just no room for confusion in this email. The other thing that makes this email stand out is the list of 5 benefits of using the software running alongside the screenshot.


Knock Knock – Cut The Crap

By now you’re probably understanding how much I like short emails and this is another example. There’s nothing complicated here; just a few product shots, a product description and a couple of calls to action. eCommerce retailers are one of the biggest culprits of sending out hugely long emails, swamping their recipients with a huge number of offers in their emails. Focusing on one product per email not only increases click-through and conversion rates but also allows for better analysis of which product offers work and, crucially, which don’t. Knock Knock are an edgy company looking to create an edgy presence through their email marketing. The use of language in the product description of this email is spot on.


Starbucks – Verismo System

This is an example of an email where the use of great graphics really makes the email stand out. The use of green throughout makes it unmistakably a Starbucks email. Once again, the email is simple describing the product, the benefits of using it those gorgeous images.