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4 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

Getting your website working hard for you is so important. One issue that prospective clients often mention to us is “We are getting lots of traffic to our website but it isn’t converting in to sales or leads.” This is where we get our conversion rate optimisation guys get to work!

Here are 4 handy conversion rate optimisation tips that can be applied to any website to help you convert your traffic into customers.

1. Have engaging copy

Get your copy right from the get-go. One of the most important things is to make sure your content is relevant and engaging. Keep it short and concise but make sure it focuses on your product’s or service’s key benefits. Make sure it’s compelling and that it appeals to your target customers.

2. Remove any distractions

Do you have any text, images or (shudder) pop-ups which may be distracting to potential customers? If so, remove them. Review your key product or service pages and identify anything that may distract a potential customer from converting. It’s so important to keep your pages clean and simple with no distractions. It will make it much easier for a potential customer to convert online when there are fewer distractions.

3. Use strong calls to actions

This is probably one of the most important areas in conversion rate optimisation. Make sure you have strong, prominent calls to action that appear above the fold of the page. They should stand out clearly so that they can be easily identified by your visitors. Copy is also important here so use lines like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up Here’ so customers understand what action to take. The more clear and visible the call to action is the higher the chance of conversion.

4. Simplify the purchase process

Review the overall purchase funnel and identify any potential steps in the funnel where your customers may be dropping off. Eliminate any steps within the funnel that may prevent a potential customer from converting online. So, for example, instead of having 5 steps to purchase could you simplify the process to 2 steps? Also look at the information required on forms, can you simplify these forms? Fewer fields for a customer to complete can lead to more online conversions.

For more information on conversion rate optimisation or to ask us to take a look at your website and make some recommendations for you, tweet us.