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PPC Year in Review

As the top search engines announce their top moments in search, we’re taking stock of 2015. While reading through the searches that were top of our minds for 2015, two questions struck us; 

  1. How do we create powerful messages in search, around the moments that shape our communities lives? 
  2. How as a brand can I amplify these moments in search?

Creating Powerful Messages In Search

In creating powerful messages, it is more and more important to be found on search, and visible to the user.

In October, worldwide mobile searches exceeded desktop, with mobile continuing to be the driving force for the last number of years. Google has been investing in creating an increasingly useful mobile search experience. Select markets can now access app content, without ever leaving Google Search, or downloading selected apps:


What does this mean for Google Search?

This places Google Search at the centre of user activity, and a central point for advertisers to reach their consumer base.

Google has placed an increased importance on mobile search for 2015. With this trend set to continue for 2016, more data will be unlocked and more data will be integrated into search.

Search Ads On Google Play

In July, Google announced search ads for Google Play, making it easier to scale app installs. This provided users with new ways to discover apps, continuing to help developers drive awareness of their apps.  Conversions were also improved, with Android First App Opens.  Android First App Opens measures the user as they open the app, and records an app install.

 Android First App Opens

Amplifying Moments On Search

Measurable Business Results With Call-Only Campaigns

From Website Call Conversions in late 2014, to Call-Only Campaigns in 2015, we’re delighted to see performance taking centre-stage for Google Search and Call Tracking. Call-Only Campaigns aim to drive valuable conversions for businesses. These campaigns prominently display your business's phone number to potential consumers, helping businesses meet their goals. 

Call Only Campaigns - Google AdWords

Custom Audiences For Your Most Valuable Customers

Customer Match was launched in September 2015, allowing brands to reach their most valuable customers. Using your email list, you can now upload them to Google AdWords and build campaigns across Search, YouTube, and Gmail. For YouTube and Gmail, similar lookalike audiences can be created to increase your reach. 

Google Customer Match

What Are Our Predictions For 2016?

Be on the lookout for Search Video Ads in 2016. Will Bing or Google get there first? Let’s watch this space! Definitely, we’ll see more experimentation from Google and its video options.

It’s only a matter of time before Purchases on Google finally reaches our shores. This will allow brands to offer an integrated experience between the search intent, the mobile experience, and taking the user throughout a seamless process to final purchase. Google is taking a smart decision to encourage retailers to deep link apps, and consequently offer the user and retailers increased engagement for shopping apps. For 2016, we will see more deep linking as Google maintains its dominance in the market. 

Purchases On Google

For 2015, we’ve seen more and more improvements in search capabilities that help us drive performance at iProspect. We’re looking forward to a fantastic year of changes in search for 2016!