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I Have Great SEO, Why Do I Need PPC?

For most small and medium sized businesses PPC is a sizable investment not to be taken lightly. Often when weighing up the pros and cons of paid search, the same age old argument crops up in the cons column: “My SEO is doing great, why would I need to run PPC as well? Isn’t that overkill?”

While it’s true that your SEO and PPC activity will often run on the same landscape, it’s almost always beneficial for your conversion rate and engagement to run both side by side, and here’s why:

Command Twice the Real Estate


Search landscape Real Estate is competitive and highly sort after, the more shop frontage you can get the better. Everyone seems to know this including your competitors, so the result is a landscape that’s completely packed with information. If you can get your message across on that overcrowded landscape twice VS your competitors single ad, you’re doubling your chances that the user will bless you with a click. Getting yourself in the top 3 PPC spots and the top 3 SEO spots simultaneously is the stuff search engine dreams are made of.

Stabilising Your Presence

SEO is an increasingly volatile environment. Page rank can change at anytime, especially when Google algorithm updates and interface changes are implemented. You have very little immediate control over your rank and when you have a special promotion to shout about, it can be difficult to increase your rank at the drop of a hat. SEO is not responsive in this way, it can take months to build page rank and even longer to keep it there. SEO is most definitely a long term investment. That’s where your PPC activity is different. A quick fire PPC campaign can be set up and running in position 1 in an afternoon, making it a responsive and real-time solution to compliment your steadily building SEO presence. PPC ad rank, as long as you have the right mix of CPC bid and quality score, is also pretty stable and can act as a “buffer” whilst your SEO page rank is rebuilding.

Running Both Can Increase Clicks & Conversions

Running both PPC and SEO ultimately increases the number of clicks you receive to your website. In fact, a study from Google shows that for rankings of 5 or higher, you could increase your clicks by as much as 96% by running both.


This is the second post in the PPC series from iProspect. Stay tuned the rest of the week to learn more PPC secrets, tips, and tricks of the trade.