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Real-Time Social Media Automation and Programmatic Advertising - A Game Changer

Imagine being able to launch a social media campaign with tailored creative based on real life events such as temperature, traffic, sports results or even a Twitter trend.

Even though it sounds like this statement came out of a marketing science fiction novel, we have all the necessary resources to make it happen. 

iProspect is leading the way in the Irish Market for Programmatic Social, being able to offer this service exclusively to all our clients.  

What Exactly is Programmatic Advertising?

The term programmatic advertising often refers to automated media buying and optimisation through advanced algorithms and rule based systems. In other words: social media campaigns would be optimised automatically according to audience volumes and available inventory at any given time. Still confused? Econsultancy has a handy breakdown of what exactly programmatic advertising is without all the messy jargon.

Automatically turn offline event data into real-time ads.

With the ability to create triggers based on real life events or any data source available, social media goes further in its path to become the leader in driving online sales. This means you can leverage sports scores, weather and more to trigger social media ads related to the event. 

Combined with very accurate targeting, we can launch personalised campaigns directed at a specific group of people during a certain period as long as a certain event happens.

All industries will benefit from this service. 

For example: 

FMCG – A cold bottle of beer on a sunny afternoon or a bottle of wine for the perfect night in

eCommerce – The Irish Rugby team wins the Six Nations tournament – Ireland Jersey creative is launched as soon as the match is finished, congratulating the team and promoting the product.

The weather factor can be applied to almost any product as long as you can think of it:

  • Retail: seasonal product ranges
  • Travel/Tourism Industry
  • Gardening
  • Concert/Festival Tickets
  • Clothes -> Credit Cards/Loans
  • Food/Beverages
  • Health, Gym Memberships/supplements
  • Power/Gas provider (With cold weather people will think about their heating and high price bills)
  • Home/Car Insurance (strong winds, heavy rain)


The sky is no longer the limit! So long as there is a database there, will is way to deliver the most relevant creative at the right time to our premium audience. To find out how we can help you achieve more through programmatic social, drop me an email.