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iProspect Ireland are First to Visit the New Facebook Visitor's Centre

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We recently had the pleasure of being the first group to be hosted in Facebook’s new state of the art visitor’s centre on the 6th floor of the European Headquarters in Dublin and we took full advantage of this new awesome workspace!

The iProspect and Facebook partnership focuses on collaboration and innovation and delivering results for our clients. This collaborative nature of our partnership and our willingness to work together for the benefit of our clients has ensured our clients continued success on the platform. Last year alone saw a 23% increase in our performance & efficiency YoY on the platform.

Facebook writing wall

The day began with a tour around the 6th floor which hosts dedicated areas to all the wild and wonderful Facebook projects like internet.org, Oculus not to mention an early example of how Facebook’s much anticipated AI assistant “M” will work. Needless to say we could be seen shamelessly milling around the selfie and snack areas with that crazy look in our eyes.

Gareth Lambe, head of Facebook Ireland kicked off the series of lectures. He spoke how Facebook’s continued dedication to connectivity and the increasing success of the family of apps- Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. We will see a lot more in app capabilities for Facebook in the next year. Facebook is soon becoming the “everything app”.

Denstu Facebook training day

What’s new?

Or what isn’t new? The day was a whirlwind of updates. With the continuing success of Carousel ads we’ve seen more and more brands using video within this ad format. It will soon be possible to upload 10 images into carousel and Facebook will show the five best performing.

Canvas ads are an exciting new mobile only format that we will see a lot of in 2016. Canvas will help boost mid funnel activity. This ad format will be a fast loading immersive ad format where brands can showcase their products using video, carousel and copy. It is still quite experimental at the moment but it is sure to deliver effective and engaging advertising particularly suited to retail and travel brands.

Reach and Frequency has a few new updates on the horizon which I mentioned in my last blog. Day parting will finally be available for Reach and Frequency ads which will be crucial for our Alcohol brands. We will be able to run campaigns for 90 days, book campaigns 60 days in advance to ensure the lowest CPM possible and the format will soon be available on Instagram.

If you have been advertising on Instagram without an ad account, QUICK set one up. At some point this will be a requirement for advertising on Instagram.

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Local awareness and insights

Local awareness ads now have the capability to target multiple locations. This will be extremely nifty for business with multiple locations that want to create ads that are very relevant to each store or bricks and mortor location. Any businesses with multiple stores should set up a locations structure on their page so that they can avail of this.  For instance, a business can decide which content is relevant for all stores and which content only suits certain one.

Businesses will have more information available to them with local insights. This will allow a business to understand people near their store both in terms of demographics and in identifying the busiest days and times for footfall around their stores. Who doesn’t love this kind of data?


Usage of Meerkat and Periscope have still been quite low so Facebook will surely become the go to live streaming app. Facebook Live Video has now been released to all Irish verified pages. It is only available on IOS at the moment but will soon be rolled out to Android too. Brands shouldn’t throw caution to the wind when using this feature. Every time there is a live stream all fans will receive a notification, with consumer centric advertising front of mind it’s important to be mindful that this could lead to a “spamy” experience with many dreaded unfriends. Brands can download the feature

360 video  will be all over Facebook in the coming year. Advertisers will no longer have to be whitelisted for the feature.

Zoolander Facebook 360 video

And finally there will be a shift to more DR capabilities for Video on Facebook in the coming year which we are certainly very excited about.

Direct response

Lead generation ads will see some major improvements in 2016. The format will soon be available on desktop and with video, canvas and reach and frequency capabilities on the horizon. Dynamic product ads will be a focus for Facebook in the coming year and we are to see many exciting opportunities here and in monitoring offline conversions.

All in all it looks to be a very bright start for Facebook product this year! We can’t wait to see what comes next!