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Bubbaloo had no brand or product communication whatsoever for a long time. So we needed to find alternative ways to approach its target audience, teens 13-18 y.o., and build a daily contact with them in their own field of play: facebook.


fans in a few months with ~0 media-spend


engagement rate/post, with an organic reach of 7% (compared to the usual 2-3%)


interactions. 80% of the comments are replied by ‘Bubba’ with tailor made multimedia material.


organic impressions, with an av.frequency 2/day for top of mind awareness



Cats rule the internet, so we saw the opportunity to take advantage of the brand’s mascot, ‘Bubba the Cat’, and make him our hero. With a Page setup that looks more like a personal profile than a brand page, ‘Bubba’ talks in first person as a friend of our teen fans. Based on that ground, we built on the following content pillars: Grown-up Occasions (‘Bubba’s’ view on the elections, on selfies, Valentine’s Day etc) Interactive Mini Games Jokes Self-promotion The goals were as clear as our strategy: ​1 Bubbaloo facebook page to become the only communication asset of the brand with teens 13-18 y.o. and create Top of Mind Awareness through stable frequencies. ​2 Maximize engagement through fun, interactive, informative and creative original content. ​3 Develop an online community that would cover the two basic teen needs: the need to feel important and to belong.


See how a facebook page served as the only communication channel of the Bubbaloo brand and how original content skyrocketed organic reach ‘beating’ facebook’s algorithm.