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Relevant content and a tailored search strategy increased Return On Advertising Spending.


The Challenge

JYSK, a large home furnishings retailer operating in 18 fiercely competitive markets, wanted to increase their online presence and revenue. The challenge was to increase their share of voice in digital channels primarily by coordinating both paid search and SEO initiatives across national borders and languages.

search sessions YOY


search revenue YOY


The results were impressive across the board and there was great year-over-year growth on all performance objectives.

Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS)


JYSK case

The Strategy

For JYSK, it was very much about getting good rankings on a number of business-critical keywords with a relatively low search volume.

Step 1: Win with the low volume keywords and create some tracking in Google.

Step 2: Start CRO activities to get better control of existing traffic, with focus on improving the check-out flow.

Step 3: Use a more "attack-oriented" tactic on the especially high-volume keywords.