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The Essentials - Q1 2020

At iProspect, our digital marketing specialists frequently publish their thoughts, insights and advice on our website. We encourage our clients and partners to follow our latest local thinking on our News+Views page, yet we know it can be difficult to set aside time to digest all the content our experts create. For that reason, we introduce The Essentials, a quarterly roundup featuring some of our best thinking from across the globe, curated to help you catch up on what you should not miss in the world of performance marketing.


In this time of pandemic, with everyone turning their attention to what matters most – health and the preservation of life – individual, government and business responses are drastically changing the way we live, and, as a consequence, impacting the global economy. It is clear that many aspects of what we are all experiencing as a society will have lasting effects beyond the pandemic. The massive transition to working from home will most likely accelerate remote working. The infrastructure stress test on supply chain and IT will be rich with learnings for online commerce. More people will be exposed to and experience digital services such as online groceries for the first time, and it is unlikely they will all abandon these when confinements stop. All of this will push organisations to keep transforming themselves, to the benefit of their consumers and their employees.


For this first edition of The Essentials, we selected both COVID-19 related and non-COVID-19 related articles that we hope will inspire you as a marketer in these challenging times.


Happy reading, and stay well.






We take a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing consumption and media, and at how brands have been responding to the crisis. We also analyse the macro-trends that will matter for marketers in the next years via our annual Future Focus report, from digital transformation to personalisation, to commerce and mobile. We share our main takeaways from the Consumer Electronics Show and deep dive into the content and search trends that prevail this year, while looking at how 5G is changing video marketing.




As the COVID-19 pandemic represents a real test for commerce across the globe, we explain how the Commerce Success Framework can help you prioritise the key actions necessary to help consumers find and order what they need. Our specialists have put the Amazon Attribution solution to the test to uncover how it can support your search campaigns. We also guide you through setting up your Facebook retargeting ads funnel the right way, and making the most of Google Tag Manager. And because user generated content and reviews have become so critical in online (and offline) purchase decisions, we share some best practices to put them to work for your brand.