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Humanity and society have only advanced because we are able to imagine a different world. Change is inherently in our DNA.

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Google Ads 2020 Product & Feature Announcements: Online Sales

Google announced four new product enhancements focused on online sales coming at a time when consumers are purchasing online more than ever.

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How COVID-19 is changing consumption and media

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Future Focus 2020 - The Next Ten Years


From Exclusion to Inclusion


How to Manage Luxury Programe in the Affiliate Channel


Data-Driven Commerce - Winning at Commerce in the New Digital Economy


Latin America Finds Its Voice

In an era where customers hold the power over brands and demand increasing personalization to meet their individual needs, iProspect’s mission is to get to know them and anticipate what they will ask for next. It became crystal clear in 2018 that the Latin American consumer is ready and eager to use high-end technologies for commerce. Our study about the role of Voice technology in branding and commerce, the first such study in the region, proves that. iProspect is here to help brands walk this new path, develop their future customer journeys, and be the first to close the gap between what consumers want and how brands can meet their wants.


Playing a gig to 10m in Fortnite

This week we have seven stories including the biggest ever event in Fortnite, the rise of subscription retail, Spotify’s new focus on podcasts, and what the Super Bowl did to Netflix.


Instagram's new algorithm for 2019

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