Kitchen Center

The Challenge

Increase sales during Kitchen Days using the Facebook network and thus boost the sales of your products at a lower cost.

The Results

The kitchen products company managed to increase its sales at a lower cost, thus confirming the benefits of running a campaign in the wide variety of Facebook locations.


Incremental conversions



The Strategy

The company carried out a campaign with Dynamic Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network to communicate the discounts available during Kitchen Days, a commercial date well recognized by its audience. To achieve this, he addressed an audience of men and women between 24 and 65 years old in Chile. In turn, through the Facebook Pixel, he created a Custom Audience based on his existing customer information: people who had visited his website, those who had made a purchase and an Audience Similar to it.

To communicate your message in a more effective way, dynamic ads were developed that presented the available products together with their respective discount. Through this format, each consumer could navigate within the same ad and experience a different purchase process. At the same time, you could click Buy to be directed directly to the Kitchen Center website and make your desired purchase right there.

With the clear idea of ​​taking its communication to a new level, Kitchen Center used the platforms in an integrated way for its optimization and used the Scope and Frequency tool. This allowed him to control and maximize the number of people reached as well as the frequency of delivery of the ads.

“Thanks to Facebook's dynamic ads, we were able to reach our target with product offers according to their interests in a scalable and agile way, which significantly increased the efficiency of our digital advertising, not only because of the fact of showing an ad related to the profile of each user, but also because thanks to its delivery algorithm it has allowed us to automate processes that optimize our campaigns based on our business objective.”

Sebastian Brain / Head of Ecommerce, Kitchen Center

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