Capturing B2B audiences through native ads for XMedius

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The challenge

XMedius is a global leader in the field of Unified Communications and Secure File Exchange solutions, providing on-premise and cloud-based solutions to more than 2,700 customers in over 70 countries.

The B2B technology industry faces an extremely high cost-per-click (CPC) with regards to Paid Search campaigns. Although brand CPCs are reasonable at $3, generic CPCs can range up to $50. Therefore, in order to focus spend on the most relevant users, XMedius’ limited Paid Search budget was restricted to RLSA campaigns only. As lead generation could not rely on organic search alone, XMedius needed a new channel to drive users to its website. As such, XMedius partnered with iProspect to build new audiences in an effort to scale lead volume to maintain CPA while maintaining lead quality.

The Results

Increase to monthly website visitors


Increase in monthly leads generated


Cost per qualified website visitor


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The strategy

To drive incremental leads for XMedius, iProspect focused on identifying a new channel that could drive Awareness and Consideration, at a significantly lower CPC in comparison to Paid Search initiatives. Not only did iProspect need to implement a channel with a lower CPC, but also needed a new source of users, since the Paid Search efforts were strictly retargeting website visitors.

With this in mind, iProspect leveraged the content created by XMedius’ internal team to create native ads driving sequential blog content. This worked by pushing monthly blog articles to create the first brand touch point and then nurtured those who engaged with the content with retargeting in upcoming months. Native advertising was the primary channel used for this initial touch point, driven by industry specific targeting via custom built audiences. Using a unique cost-per-engagement (CPE) bid model allowed iProspect to only pay for users who were engaging with the website for more than 15 seconds, eliminating the need to spend on uninterested traffic.

The execution

iProspect was able to capture impression-based Ads audiences to create RLSA campaigns of audiences who strictly saw a native ad, but did not actually visit the XMedius website. At the time, iProspect was only retargeting with Paid Search, since CPCs were so high although, through this additional impression-based audience, they were able to grow the Paid Search campaign traffic from exclusively targeting website visitors, to targeting users who viewed the native ad, but did not actually click through to the ad.

iProspect quickly understood our business activities and the goals we set ourselves. They implemented a multi-faceted strategy, which allows us to generate more than 200 business opportunities on a monthly basis from our digital initiatives.

Stephane Vidal

Vice-President Marketing & Communications, XMedius

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