The Challenge

For the sports performance brand Under Armour, eCommerce plays a key role in product sales. Over 16,000 items are advertised on Google Shopping and almost all of the products are available in 13 European countries via the manufacturer's online shop. While Under Armour had invested in campaign optimisation for Google Shopping, iProspect saw further potential and devised a unique campaign structure that divided search traffic by branded and generic terms. 
The biggest challenge was that a large part of the traffic and sales were achieved by branded search terms. This performance differed greatly from that of our generic search terms but were grouped in the same campaigns and ad groups. As a result, this structure hindered effective bid management and usable insights.

The objective of the campaign was to increase visibility, improve efficiency and insights.

The Results

Sales uplift


Impression share on branded terms


As a result of the strong business outcome and the significantly improved insights, Under Armour immediately expanded the new campaign structure to the 13 markets in Europe.

Decreased costs


Improved ROAS


The Strategy

A Shopping Lab workshop took place between Under Armour, iProspect and Google, which brought the partnership to the next level. The main outcome of the workshop was to separate branded from generic traffic in Google Shopping through intelligent use of campaign priorities and funnelling of search terms. This improvement allowed Under Armour to optimize differently for search terms with different business goals.

Historically, bids on bestsellers were determined by only their past performance. In Under Armour’s new strategy, the bestseller was identified by predictive insights from the business, which were then combined with historical data.

The insights gained in the Shopping Lab about funnelling search terms and improving the bidding strategy were first put into practice and tested on Under Armour’s Dutch website. After just one month, positive results clearly emerged.

"Through our improved funnelling, we achieved an almost complete share of possible impressions for our branded search terms, ensuring that we reach all athletes searching for Under Armour sports performance apparel and footwear in an efficient way."

Lauren Geenen

Search Marketing Specialist - Under Armour EU

Under Armour

Finding success with new a Shopping campaign structure