The Challenge

St-Hubert, a part of Cara Group, is an iconic Quebec restaurant franchise founded in 1965, with a network of 122 restaurants in Eastern Canada. A popular, household name in the French Canadian restaurant market, St-Hubert dining rooms have become a popular gathering spot for millions of families and friends for more than five decades. 

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve and diners become increasingly critical of culinary experiences, St-Hubert sought an opportunity to attract a new target audience. Amongst the latest growing culinary trends, the restaurant franchise chose to launch a new brunch offering to attract a new, urban and trendy audience.  

St-Hubert mandated iProspect to develop a launch strategy to attract the new target audience to St-Hubert restaurants during brunch hours. 

The Results

Unique mobile IDs generated




Serving the right message at the right time to attract competitor diners drove a new audience to restaurants.

Increase of in-restaurant traffic during Brunch hours


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The Strategy

The competition of restaurant brunch offerings within the Quebec market was strong and challenged iProspect to devise a strategy that would not only attract the desired audience, but serve the right message at the right time.  

In order to achieve this, iProspect implemented a mobile strategy to target diners who recently visited a competing brunch restaurant (top 20) in the last 90 days. Once identified, the goal was to serve them an ad for the St-Hubert brunch offering at the most opportune moment.

The Execution

The strategy was executed in 3 steps:

1. Qualifying the audience
In order to group the desired qualified audience, a mobile technology platform was used to collect the unique mobile IDs of diners who who visited one of the 20 most popular brunch restaurants in the province of Quebec for a 90-day period.

2. Leveraging Machine Learning
In compliance with data privacy regulations, Machine Learning made it possible to study the online and offline behavior of more than 260,000 unique mobile IDs that were captured in the 90-day period. This data allowed iProspect to understand the socio-demographic profiles and interests of the Brunch audience, and to adjust the promotional message of ads accordingly.

3. 360 Activation
A connection feed pushed the unique mobile IDs to different media platforms (including Facebook) which, in turn, improved media efficiency and relevance of the communications based on the mobile signals captured in real-time.

Always on the lookout for new, pioneering opportunities, iProspect has constantly supported us and has definitely contributed to the success of our most innovative promotional initiatives. This year, these successes are all the more tangible as customers responded in an extraordinary!

Annik Labrosse

Vice-President, Marketing, Groupe St-Hubert

Client testimonial

The Business Outcome

The campaign generated an increase in restaurant visits for the brunch period of 35% and each dollar invested generated $21 in revenue. In addition to this, iProspect gained interesting insight into the Brunch audience habits in a report comparing identifiers exposed to advertising and those that were not:

· 17% of the audience had visited a Starbucks before visiting a St-Hubert during Brunch hours

· 23% visited an ATM before going to a restaurant


Leveraging unique mobile IDs to reach a new audience