Our Work


The Challenge

Philips had been actively using Amazon Search since 2017 and prior to onboarding with iProspect, the existing account structure became outdated with a flawed setup and keyword selection. As a result, Philips collection of brands were losing sales potential, share of voice to competitor’s and reaching minimal PDP (product detail page) traffic relative to its budget.

Given the flawed account structure, keeping the status quo was not an option for iProspect as it would not allow Philips to reach full Amazon sales potential across its brands.

In order to improve conversion rates and ultimately sales performance, iProspect recommended a complete account restructure and relaunch.

The Results

Implementing an account structure following Amazon best practices was successful in driving efficiency and more conversions.


Increase in return on ad spend


Increase in conversion rate

- 38%

decrease in cost per click

The Strategy

As iProspect began to dig into the existing account structure, it was clear campaign structures did not meet best practices. Issues at the segmentation level in addition to disorganized product categories were the cause of the underperforming campaigns. iProspect planned to rebuild the campaign structure and keyword/ASIN selections in order to increase traffic, share of voice and improve overall sales performance.

The underlying strategy was to improve sales volume relative to budget and strike the right balance between sales efficiency and maintaining presence in the non-brand space among competitors.

The Innovation

iProspect created an account framework, new and improved account structure, keyword research and ASIN selection by category, adhering to best practices and Philips’ product strategy.

After executing the restructure, the campaigns were continuously monitored for optimizations, focusing on the overall strategy of improving efficiency and sales volume. The restructure allowed iProspect to manage the accounts efficiently with extensive insights.

The Business Outcome

iProspect was successful in driving YoY sales efficiency and traffic for Philips.

69% increase in return on ad spend
46% increase in conversion rate
38% decrease in cost per click